EFSE Development Facility’s approach

In addition to responding to partner lending institution demand, the European Fund for Southeast Europe looks proactively for technical solutions or capacity building needs of its partner lending institutions, reflecting the Fund’s investment strategy. In this way, EFSE and the EFSE Development Facility seek to establish long-term partnerships with partner lending institutions.

Focused high-impact support

Assistance focuses on key areas or processes in the partner lending institutions. To allow institutions to absorb and implement training and consulting input, technical assistance is structured in short-term, intensive intervals.

Consultant selection

Consultants or trainers from implementation are carefully selected jointly by the EFSE Development Facility and the partner lending institutions. The EFSE Development Facility thereby also draws on local expertise, supporting the development of local know-how.

Comprehensive support

To ensure impact, a combination of dedicated consulting services, training and on-the job coaching is provided.


To ensure commitment, participating partner lending institutions share the cost of the assistance.