Agricultural information exchange for micro-farmers


TARGET GROUP: Smallholder farmers in Georgia, and the Fund’s partner Credo MCO

OBJECTIVE: Identify the optimum way for small farmers in Georgia to access relevant agricultural knowledge and market information by developing a concept for an accessible and needs-driven information platform.

ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS: The EFSE DF supported MCO Credo’s development of a concept for an accessible and needs-driven information platform for smallholder farmers in Georgia. The consultant identified existing gaps in the provision of agricultural information currently facing Georgian farmers and developed a concept for a web-based platform that would allow farmers to improve their productivity through access to the latest and best information on agricultural market trends, commodity prices, and best practices and technologies in agriculture. The platform will be developed in a follow up project.

START: March 2013

END: September 2015

Project partner: Credo, Georgia

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