Capacity building and access to finance for MSE start-ups


TARGET GROUP: Young start-ups entrepreneurs less than 35 years old

OBJECTIVE: Increase access to financial services for young entrepreneurs and increase their capacity.

ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS: The EFSE DF supported Finansbank in the implementation of the “Bosses of the Future Programme”, a contest for young start-ups entrepreneurs who competed with each other for a grant to develop their business. Out of 850 applications, the jury selected 50 participants who received a day of business model training. The top 20 applicants took part in one week of extensive training on entrepreneurship, a so-called “mini MBA”. Ten participants had the chance to present their projects to the jury. The three best ideas received a zero-interest loan and the winner – a developer of a 3D printer – was granted the amount required for the implementation of his business idea.

START: July 2015

END: December 2015

Project partner: Finansbank, Turkey

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