Capacity building for agricultural lending

Bosnia and Herzegovina,

TARGET GROUP: 180 staff of MCF Partner, and their end clients.

OBJECTIVE: Train staff of MCF Partner to better understand the needs of rural clients to raise the number of agricultural business loans, by increasing staff knowledge on ecologically friendly agriculture, by raising awareness of ecologically friendly products, and by developing a short educational leaflet for end-borrowers presenting in a comprehensible way features and benefits of this type of agriculture.


Four training sessions for nearly 180 loan officers and branch managers in four locations provided instruction on agricultural topics, including ecologically friendly agriculture. The consultant presented hands-on case studies and practical exercises in, among other things, cash flow analysis. A short leaflet for end-borrowers was prepared in order to raise awareness on ecological agriculture. The leaflet print run was 5,000 copies, which were distributed to 60 MCF branches.

START: December 2015

END: April 2016

Project partner: MCF Partner, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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