Empowering municipalities to provide financial education and debt counselling

Bosnia and Herzegovina,

TARGET GROUP: Municipalities and administrative bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the end-borrowers/citizens

OBJECTIVE: Support capacity building, knowledge sharing and handover activities to municipalities and administrative bodies thought the implementation of debt counselling and financial education activities.  

The project provided advisory services to 28 municipalities and training for 16 municipal advisors who provide debt counselling. A comprehensive debt counselling and financial literacy training manual for municipal advisers was also developed. In addition there was a one day conference for around 100 participants from partner municipalities, being the first conference of its kind in the region. , and the financial and international development cooperation sector attended a conference on debt counselling and financial education for residents, the first conference of its kind in the region. The project was a strong step in assuring the sustainability of continued debt counselling services in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

START:  January 2016
END: November 2016

Project partner: Association for Responsible Personal Finance Management “Plus” (U PLUSU), Bosnia and Herzegovina

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