Improvement of guarantee services for Turkish MSMEs


TARGET GROUP: Turkish MSMEs, Turkish financial institutions, KGF

OBJECTIVE: Support Credit Guarantee Fund KGF (Kredi Garanti Fonu) with the development and integration of a new guarantee information system that will help automate its operational processes and improve the data flow with its partner financial institutions.

ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS: KGF has upgraded its internal portfolio guarantee system and created the necessary infrastructure for external integration with participating financial institutions. The new guarantee information system will have a positive impact on the guarantee provision process, including guarantee application approval, issuance of guarantees, monitoring risks, correspondence, guarantee closure, compensation, and legal follow-up steps, along with other processes such as finance, accounting, HR, audit, reporting, etc.

As an outcome of the project, KGF will have an integrated guarantee information system that can correspond faster and more cheaply with partner financial institutions to provide them with guarantees to serve a larger number of MSMEs in Turkey.

START: April 2015

END: June 2017

Project partner: Credit Guarantee Fund, Turkey

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