Improving operational efficiency


TARGET GROUP: Agricover Credit bank staff, particularly a project team

OBJECTIVE: Improve the operational efficiency of Agricover Credit by providing support in implementing the action plan with the ultimate goal of expanding Agricover Credit activities throughout the country in a cost-effective way, thus improving access to responsible finance for farmers in Romania.


The objective of this project was to increase the operational efficiency of Agricover Credit by providing clear and feasible recommendations based on a sound analysis of the current requirements.

The project covered an assessment and gap analysis and subsequent development of an implementation plan, which provided a clear roadmap for Agricover to enhance the efficiency of its credit operations, and sets out concrete tasks and milestones to achieve this. It describes the necessary implementation methodology, the future IT system architecture, including the software development methodology as well as the required resources and team allocation.

START: February 2015

END: April 2016

Project partner: Agricover Credit IFN SA, Romania

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