Support for KBA Publications in Kosovo


TARGET GROUP: General public, including residents of remote and rural areas, financial and banking industry professionals, other relevant private and public stakeholders.

OBJECTIVE: Increase the level of financial literacy among the general population of Kosovo through the provision of support to the KBA publications the Kosovo Banker magazine and the Periodic Overview of the Financial Sector in Kosovo.

ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS: The EFSE DF support covered sponsorship of the publications, and development of thematic articles related to EFSE DF activities.

In 2015-2016, four editions of Kosovo Banker were published with the EFSE DF’s support. The magazine serves as an important tool for providing reliable information on current developments in the banking industry to the general public in Kosovo.

A total of 40,000 printed copies in Albanian and 800 in English were distributed with the national newspaper Koha Ditore through direct mail, at events, and electronically via email and the KBA website. The DF Manager also provided an article on the digitalisation of financial services in Kosovo for the December 2016 edition.

Twelve monthly editions (January to December 2015) of the Periodic Overview sponsored by the EFSE DF were published online and distributed via email, LinkedIn, the KBA official Facebook page, and the KBA website. The overview provides statistical data on a broad range of topics, such as structure of assets and liabilities in the banking industry, interbank transactions, etc.

START: February 2015

END: January 2017

Project partner: Kosovo Bankers Association (KBA), Kosovo

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