Transformation of ASC Union into FedInvest


TARGET GROUP: FED Invest and its clients: smallholder farmers in Albania

Support FED Invest (formerly ASC Union) in its transformation process to become a strong rural financial institution that offers a broad range of financial services to the rural and peri-urban population and contributes to financial inclusion and rural economic development in Albania.

ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS: The EFSE DF is supporting the transformation of ASC Union into a tier one rural financial institution – FED Invest. The DF will assist the institution to implement its strategic plan, focusing on a number of areas and with the help of Rabobank International Advisory Services. Firstly, increased IT capabilities. Second, a plan for agricultural business development and for non-agri retail clients. Third, considering its potential transformation into a rural bank, capacity building will also include credit risk, audit and compliance skills in line with the supervisory framework.

START: September 2016

END: ongoing

Project partner: ASCU/FED Invest

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