Entrepreneurship in practice

“It was my dream to own my own business and as Fevzi Paşa is an agricultural town, it made sense to go into that industry.”

Recep Çamur
Vegetable Grower
Şekerbank, Turkey

Recep Çamur lives in the village of Fevzi Paşa, an agricultural town on the foothills of the Nur Mountains. “The land is fertile and as I saw a need for fresh produce in the local market, I decided to start growing tomatoes. Although I started my business in 1990, it was only in 2004 when I decided to get a loan from Şekerbank that it really took off. I started off with a small farm and served the local village people with me being the only employee on the farm. Times were tough, and harvesting the crop manually was labor intensive. Another challenge was to harvest the crop after it was ready and before it started rotting.”

A loan from Şekerbank helped him invest in a larger workforce of four, and as the demand and the farmed area grew, so did the challenge of harvesting the crop with few employees. Next year, with the help of Şekerbank, he hopes to hire new staff and to invest in new equipment such as a tomato harvest machine.

“I realized that technology helps to harvest more and reduces costs in the long run and now I can manage to invest in new equipment due to financial assistance from Şekerbank.” Like him, many others also rely on the quick understanding of the bank and the professional service the employees offer to help entrepreneurs realize their dream and to help them expand their business.

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