Success nurtured in the greenhouse

“Life as a grower isn’t always easy, but you quickly forget the hardship when you have a good harvest. We have progressed a lot thanks to loans from Mi-Bospo because they understand our business and we benefit from their experience.”

Šemsa Karić
Greenhouse and Tillage Farming
Mi-Bospo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Whilst I put my trust in nature for a good harvest, I do think it’s all right to make sure you’re not too dependent on good weather,” Šemsa Karić from Tuzla confides, pointing at her greenhouses.

There are nine of them. And the plan is to increase that number to grow more varieties of vegetables and nursery plants. The greenhouses serve to hedge Šemsa’s traditional farming business: Starting alone with five acres of land for growing vegetables in 1993, Šemsa along with her husband, daughter and son now till over seventy-five acres with a broad spectrum of crops. After several disappointing harvests, building a greenhouse seemed like a good way to reduce the risk inherent in farming and at the same time grow the business. That’s when Mi-Bospo came in. That was in 1998.

“What I didn’t expect from the bank was how closely they would stay involved and always make sure we didn’t get in over our heads with loans. Mi-Bospo really helped us to grow at the right pace by gradually financing one greenhouse after the other. Today, I’m happy to say, we have a solid business that gives us a good life."

In July 2014, Šemsa took out a loan for BAM 9,000 from Mi-Bospo. Her seventeenth. “It’s for expanding our greenhouses. We’re at the market every day and everything we produce, we sell. Having so many loyal customers is rewarding to us – and it’s also the best guarantee for our banking partner, Mi-Bospo.”

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