"I strongly believe in success. Persistence, work and energy equal success."

"When everyone thought I should give up on my idea, I believed in myself, and had success."

Gabrijela Vukašinovic | Owner of a cultural centre for children | Alter Modus, Montenegro

"And now I have the most recognized cultural center for children…" Gabrijela says as she recounts how she started.

Gabrijela has been in business with her “Kulturnin Centar Beauty” since 2009, but her efforts prior to 2014 were not working out as planned.

“I visited Alter Modus to apply for a loan, and have been able to grow my business exponentially. From 2009, with only 2 employees, to 2016 with 15 employees, the cultural center is finally a success. In my cultural center, I provide dance classes, but also help promote talented young people who are interested in sports, acting, and modeling. Next year, I hope to win more international and domestic awards, and to further expand into acting and modeling classes to gain more members.”

Because Gabrijela has always worked in order to help promote talented children, she knew her center had to succeed. “When I applied for the small loan at Alter Modus, I had hoped it would help, and it has made all the difference. It has helped pay for the minivan used for transporting members to competitions, and has helped create a website to grow Kulturni Centar Beauty. Now, the center has more than 500 members, and we have children that perform internationally.”

Gabrijela provides access to a number of different services for children, and can do so because of the loan she gained from Alter Modus.

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