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EFSE DF - Mission

The EFSE Development Facility (EFSE DF) was established in 2006 to support the EFSE’s development finance mandate to enhance the long-term development impact of the EFSE’s investments and to maximise outreach to micro, small and medium enterprises and low-income households.


EFSE DF - Tenders

We work with financial sector professionals in a multitude of technical fields ranging from risk management and internal audit to more complex capacity building assignments.


Contact Point for Consultants

Finance in Motion GmbH Marianne Sulzer Carl-von-Noorden-Platz 5 60596 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Marianne Sulzer, Finance in Motion GmbH
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+49 (0) 69 271 035 - 329 +49 (0) 69 271 035 - 110
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