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The EFSE operates through partner lending institutions in Southeast Europe and in the European Eastern Neighbourhood Region. They on-lend funds received from the EFSE to the ultimate target group: micro and small enterprises and low-income households.


General funding

The European Fund for Southeast Europe is a public-private partnership in the truest sense of the term: The EFSE is replenished with funds from various donor agencies and European governments, international financial institutions, as well as by private investors.


Funding from donors

Donors are essential to the EFSE’s operations: the grants they provide serve to leverage private capital through the creation of different risk tranches and a waterfall repayment mechanism. Donor funds constitute the risk cushion for private investors who otherwise would be reluctant to invest in countries that are generally perceived as high risk.



The EFSE is having a remarkable social and economic impact: With an aggregate loan volume of more than EUR 2.5 billion invested with partner lending institutions throughout the its target regions, the EFSE has  ultimately served almost 900,000 sub-borrowers and played an instrumental role in securing over 745,000 new jobs and helping to create more.


EFSE DF - Mission

The EFSE Development Facility deploys effective, targeted and innovative technical assistance to maximise the impact and outreach of the Fund’s development finance mandate to final target groups, i.e. micro, small and medium enterprises and low-income private households, in its target countries. It is structured independently from the EFSE as a trust fund under Luxembourg law.


Contact Point for Donors

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