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The EFSE is more than just a fund: its public private partnership (PPP) structure has made the EFSE an international role model for intelligent and innovative development policy in the 21st century. The PPP approach enables the EFSE to mobilise funding from private institutional investors to top up international public donor funding for development finance.


Business ethics

From the outset the EFSE has remained committed to implementing its mission responsibly and sustainably. The EFSE supports the UN sustainable development agenda as currently documented by the Millennium Development Goals. It also reaches beyond to make the world a better place.


Facts and Figures


The story of the EFSE begins with an idea: to support the reconstruction of regions in Southeast Europe battered by the Kosovo War of 1998 by bringing together public donors and private investors. The plan was to establish a microfinance investment fund with an innovative structure to combine development finance with financial performance goals.





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