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"I see the EFSE Entrepreneurship Tournament as a chance to accelerate my business.”

Back in 2016, Damir Bajraktarević was at an impasse.

Experience making his own guitars had given the musician enough woodworking experience to try his hand at selling handmade wooden eyeglass frames from his Sarajevo workshop. Beautiful and high-quality, the snazzy specs attracted attention – and Bajraktarević’s new company, Dawood, soon had orders rushing in.

But starting a new business left Bajraktarević feeling like he needed to be everywhere at once. "My problem was organising the production process,” he says. "I was doing part of one process, then part of another one, and then part of another. It needed to be more efficient.”

Fortunately, EFSE had partnered with the Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (SERDA) to provide just the kind of support entrepreneurs like Bajraktarević needed. The business mentoring programme introduced the young woodworker to coaches who helped him optimise and organise. 

The advice paid off. After just three mentoring sessions, Bajraktarević was able to fine-tune his production process so that his output nearly doubled. Dawood was soon making enough fashionable frames to stock shelves at retailers and distributors in Sarajevo and beyond, and business today is booming.

In fact, the company has become so successful that Bajraktarević’s new challenge is growth. To stay on top of rising demand, the craftsman aims to purchase a new woodworking machine and expand his business: "The new machine would allow me to introduce a new product line, and even hire some staff.”

These plans need capital, of course. And Bajraktarević sees another EFSE opportunity on the horizon: The EFSE Entrepreneurship Tournament will be held in Sarajevo City Hall on November 20, 2018. Sponsored by the EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy, the tournament will showcase promising local entrepreneurs to a panel of judges and investors, who will then award prizes to support these entrepreneurs’ business growth.

"I see the EFSE Entrepreneurship Tournament as a chance to accelerate my business,” says Bajraktarević.  

Whether helping new businesses gain traction or providing them with the means to grow, EFSE invests in all stages of entrepreneurship. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay abreast of the upcoming EFSE Entrepreneurship Tournament!

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