EFSE Alter Modus End-borrower Looking out of the Window
EFSE Alter Modus Official with Tourism End-borrower
EFSE Alter Modus Holiday Rental
EFSE Alter Modus Double Room in Holiday Rental
EFSE Alter Modus Official with End-borrower on Terrace
EFSE Alter Modus End-borrower Preparing Room for Holiday Guests
EFSE Alter Modus Holiday Rental Outside Area with Furniture
Success Stories

"I wanted to be my own person and be an independent contractor in the tourism industry.”

Life was not always easy. Gordana was in what she thought was secure job, and after she lost her job, she decided to enter the tourism industry as she saw a real need there. After consulting with family members, she converted her rooms into rentals for tourists who visited her hometown, which is the coastal city of Budva. Starting her business in 2001, she soon realized a year later that she needed financial help if she wanted to compete with the other rental businesses and turned to MFI Alter Modus Bank for a loan. 
"Losing my job was a push for me to start off my business. I started off with only 10 beds to rent out, and now with the help of MFI Alter Modus and my family members, I have increased my capacity to 30 beds. I have managed to get my business registered on booking.com which has made it easier for people looking for accommodation to find my rental space. It gives me great pride to see customers’ positive comments on the booking agency and to know that I have provided customer satisfaction because that means that they will return to my establishment when they decide to visit again.”
After receiving loans from MFI Alter Modus, Gordana Čkuljević managed to grow her business and is grateful for the flexible guarantee and quick loan processing that enabled her to expand. With the continued support of MFI Alter Modus, she hopes to adapt more rooms for rentals, and having already forged a close relationship with the bank, things seem on the right track for her.

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