EFSE Mi-Bospo End-borrower Feeding Cows
EFSE Mi-Bospo End-borrower in Stall with Cows
EFSE Mi-Bospo End-borrower's Tractor
EFSE Mi-Bospo Husband of End-borrower in Stall
Success Stories

"When we made the decision to go from running a farm to feed our family to running a farming business to feed the community, we knew it would be a difficult journey at first. Then we found the perfect travel companion in Mi-Bospo.”

"Let me see, 240 sheep, 7 cows, 3 bulls, a few heifers…,” Zumreta Ribić’s voice trails off as she surveys the family farm in her mind’s eye. "And then there is all the farming equipment. Everything in excellent condition, of course.”

The Ribić farm concentrates on raising sheep and cattle. "I remember that day in 1999, when my husband and I became farming entrepreneurs. Though we had only a few animals back then, it was just a little more than enough to cover our family needs. We wanted a better life for us and the children. That was the motivation to turn our farm into a business,” Zumreta recalls. Five years later, the next big decision was made: to see a bank about a loan to invest in some much-needed farming equipment as well as more livestock.

"At the end of our first meeting with the people at Mi-Bospo, it was clear that we had found the right partner. So I said, ‘Call me Zumra, that’s what my friends call me,’” she smiles. The latest loan, in the amount of BAM 10,000 to purchase some land, was issued in January 2013, marking the sixth loan cycle since the Ribić farm became a Mi-Bospo client in 2004.

"We sell our milk to the local cooperative, and we make around BAM 20,000 a year from the sale of our lambs alone,” Zumreta proudly announces. "My husband, my son and daughter and myself, we’ve all worked hard as a family to get where we are today. And Mi-Bospo is part of the family, too.”

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