Events | 06 May 2008 | Sibiu

EFSE Annual Meeting 2008


Opening Panel - Mr. Dubravko Mihaljek, Senior Economist, Bank for International Settlements

Central Banks’ Panel: Balancing Act between Stability and Growth/Outreach

Panel 1: Capital Market Development

Lessons learnt in local currency financing and the new approach TCX

Subordinated debt and equity for MFIs (Michael Schneider/Deutsche Bank)

Securitization in the light of the financial crisis (Georg Feldscher/Raiffeisen International)

Panel 2: Market Potentials and Products

EIB support to renewable energy and energy efficiency (Dominique Courbin/EIB)

Housing energy efficiency as a new product offer (Mark Crawford/Opportunity Bank, Montenegro)

Pushing the development finance frontier (Aleksandar Kremenovic/Mikrofin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Penetrating rural areas with financial services (Michael Kowalski/ProCredit Bank, Romania)

Consumer finance: enhancing or undermining the mission of MFIs? (Prof. Dr. Eva Terberger/KfW)

Panel 3: Transformation and Integration of MFIs - Responsible Finance Panel

Restructuring of KrK Kosovo (Alka Couet/SIDI)

Role of EBRD in transformation and capacity building (Jana Sivcova/EBRD)

Role of EFSE in transformation and capacity building (Martin Heimes/Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Banking regulation: challenge and window of opportunity for MFIs (Hanns Martin Hagen/KfW)


EFSE Annual Meeting 2008

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