Events | 26 May 2009 - 28-5-2009 | Novi Sad

EFSE Annual Meeting 2009

The theme of the EFSE Annual Meeting 2009 which took place in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia, from 26 to 28 May 2009 covered the effects of the international financial crisis on Southeast Europe and future outlook for the financial sector in this region - addressing it from three different perspectives: investors, commercial banks and microfinance organisations. Panelists included representatives of the donor community, financial practitioners, policymakers, academics and other experts in related fields.


Opening Panel Key Note

Dr. Reiner Martin, European Central Bank/Austrian Central Bank
Boom and Bust in the Baltics - What lessons for South-Eastern Europe?

History, Structure and Performance of EFSE

Monika Beck, KfW
Structure and Performance of EFSE

Sylvia Wisniwski, EFSE
Financial Crisis under the Microscope

Panel 1 Capital Markets Perspective

Nicolas Krauss, New York University
Can Microfinance (Still) Reduce Portfolio Volatility?

Ron Dadina, Minlam Asset Management
Investing in Volatile Markets

André Kravchenko, Finca International
Effects of the Financial Crisis from a Microfinance Network Perspective

Panel 2 Banking Sector Perspective

Alenka Smerkolj, Nova Ljubljanska Banka, Slovenia
Banking Sector Perspective

Hildegard Gacek, EBRD
SEE Banking Sector in Distress - Current Situation and Outlook

Aleksandar Ćalović, Čačanska Banka, Serbia
Steering a Local Bank through the Crisis

Prof. Adalbert Winkler, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Banking Sector Perspective

Panel 3 MFI Perspective

Eva Terberger, KfW
MFIs' Business Model - Weather-Resistance in the Financial Storm

Elvis Ziu, KEP, Kosovo
Financial Crisis & MFI Transformation

Luka Đurović, Alter Modus, Montenegro
MFI Perspective

Weathering the Storms: Pro Credit's Experience of Past and Current Crisis

Martin Godemann, Pro Credit Holding/Svetlana Tolmacheva, Pro Credit Bank Serbia
Weathering the storms. ProCredit's experience of past and current crisis

Beyond the Financial Crisis: Where to Go from here?

Bojan Kordic, Komercijalna Banka a. d. Beograd
The Banking Sector of the Republic of Serbia

Aleksandar Kremenović, Mikrofin
Beyond the financial crisis: Where to go from here?

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Agenda – EFSE Annual Meeting 2009 Novi Sad - 26 to 28 May 2009

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