Events | 23 March 2010 | Tirana

Responsible finance conference 2010, Albania

Jointly organised with KfW Entwicklungsbank (The German Development Bank) and the European Fund for Southeast Europe’s technical assistance arm, the EFSE Development Facility, the Bank of Albania hosted an international conference on responsible finance in Tirana on March 23, 2010. At the conference, representatives from the Albanian financial sector and government, donor agencies, international financial institutions as well as microfinance practitioners called for greater efforts to promote responsible finance practices and principles.


Ridvan Bode, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Albania

Ardian Fullani, Governor, Bank of Albania
The role of a central bank promoting and advancing responsible finance practices

Roland Siller, First Vice President, KfW Entwicklungsbank

Sylvia Wisniwski, Chief Operating Officer for the EFSE and Managing Director of Finance in Motion GmbH
Expanding access to finance and ensuring financial sector stability through responsible financing practices

Philip Buyskes, Vice President, TCX Investment Management Company BV
Foreign exchange risk: the impact of foreign currency lending on financial institutions and borrowers

Libero Catalano, Chairman, Albanian Association of Banks
Responsible finance from the perspective of the Albanian banking sector

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