Events | 11 November 2010 | Tbilisi

Responsible finance conference 2010, Georgia

The National Bank of Georgia, KfW Entwicklungsbank, the German Development Bank, and the European Fund for Southeast Europe’s technical assistanc arm, the EFSE Development Facility, jointly organised a conference on November 11, 2010, in Tbilisi, Georgia, reviewing their experiences and approaches to dealing with concerns over responsible finance.

In a panel discussion, moderated by Michael Moerschel, Division Chief, KfW, senior Georgian policy makers, KfW and EFSE representatives, as well as other finance practioners and financial sector experts stressed the need to adapt responsible business practices in the financial sectors of Southeast Europe and Georgia.

During the conference a Client Educational Booklet on responsible finance produced by ProCredit Bank Georgia with technical support by EFSE was presented.

The conference also saw a presentation on EFSE by Michael Neumayr, Member of the Board of Directors of EFSE, and the signing of a loan agreement of USD 50 million with EFSE and Bank of Georgia.


Giorgi Kadagidze, Governor, National Bank of Georgia
The Role of a Central Bank in Promoting Responsible Finance

Elvira Lefting, Chief Investment Officer for EFSE
A Lender’s View on the Importance of Responsible Finance

Paul Randall, Managing Director, CREDITINFO, Schufa Group
Relevance of Credit Bureau for Credit Risk Management and Consumer Protection

Edward Gardner, Senior Representative in Georgia, IMF
Financing in a Macroeconomic Perspective Balancing Risks and GDP Growth Objectives

Philip Buyskes, Vice President, TCX Investment Management Company BV
Foreign Exchange Lending: How to Mitigate Risks for Financial Institutions and Clients

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