EFSE Advisory Group Meeting

Present at the meeting were: <br/>

Governors and Representatives of the Central Banks of the EFSE target region

<br/> Kolasi, Gramoz
Gevorgyan, Astghik
Chief Expert on Financial System Stability and Development Department, Central Bank of Armenia <br/> Grigoryan, Andranik
Head of Financial System Regulation, Central Bank of Armenia <br/>Kozari?, Kemal
Governor, Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina <br/> Salihovi?, Almir
Vuj?i?, Boris
Governor, Croatian National Bank <br/>, Gani
Advisor to the Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo <br/>Arnaudova-Stojanovska, Milica
General Director, National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia <br/> Molo?ag, Marin
First Deputy Governor, National Bank of Moldova <br/> Ran?elovi?, Marija
Senior Banking Sector Analyst, National Bank of Serbia <br/>Yesildoruk, Gunay
Frankfurt Economic Attache and Frankfurt Representative, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Frankfurt Representative Office <br/>

Participants from EFSE

<br/> Beck, Monika
Chairperson of the EFSE Board of Directors <br/> Glaubitt, Dr. Klaus
Honorary Chairman of the Advisory Group <br/> Reiniger, Peter
EFSE Board of Directors <br/>

Keynote Speaker

<br/> Mooslechner, Dr. Peter
Member of the Executive Board, Oesterreichische Nationalbank

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