EFSE Annual Meeting 2007
EFSE Annual Meeting 2007
EFSE Annual Meeting 2007
EFSE Annual Meeting 2007
EFSE Annual Meeting 2007
EFSE Annual Meeting 2007

EFSE Annual Meeting 2007

Responsible Finance: Governors' Panel

<br/> Social Responsibility in Microfinance

History, Structure and Performance of EFSE

<br/> EFSE Annual Meeting Presentation<br/>

Track A: Capital Market Development

<br/> Role of structured finance operations for financial sectors in transition countries<br/>Model case: First true sale in Southeast Europe: ProCredit Bulgaria (Godemann/ProCredit Holding)<br/>Does the fight for market share discourage securitisation? (Nadasan/Banca Transilvania)<br/>SIFEM's experience with structured finance (Achini/SIFEM)<br/>Opportunities and challenges of structured finance in Southeast Europe (Habel/KfW)<br/>Lessons learnt in local currency financing and the new approach TCX (Duyverman/FMO)<br/>IFC‘s experience in local currency finance (Ahmed/IFC)<br/>The first bond issuance in Moldova (Musteatsa/ MAIB Leasing)<br/>Challenges of local currency financing from an MVI viewpoint<br/>

Track B: Market Potentials and Products

<br/> Role of housing finance in Southeast Europe (Gurdal/IFC)<br/>Housing finance in Macedonia (Tasevski/IK Banka)<br/>Experience with mortgage lending in Kosovo (Selimi/New Bank of Kosovo)<br/>Experience with housing finance in Moldova (Polustanova/MAIB)<br/>Impact study on housing finance in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (Dauskardt/IHS)<br/>Strategy of IFC for Energy Efficiency Finance (Karner/ IFC)<br/>Energy efficiency Hungary - How to renovate hundreds of blockhouses (Kerekes/Raiffeisen Hungary)<br/>Energy efficiency financial products and development in CEE and Hungary (Aniko Dobi-Rozsa/GreenMax Capital Advisors)<br/>

Track C: Transformation and Integration of MFIs

<br/>The legal framework in Montenegro and in Serbia (Amosson/Agroinvest)<br/>The forthcoming microfinance law in Kosovo (Greenwood/Finca Kosovo)<br/>Transformation options and challenges (Khalaf)<br/>Is there a need for a special regulatory framework for Microfinance? (Terberger/ KfW)<br/>Difficulties of transformation and solutions (Kuno/Zappia/EBRD)<br/>EFSE‘s role in MFI capacity building (Ramm/Intercooperation)<br/>Challenges of transforming into a bank (Flintham/Opportunity Bank)<br/>Recent developments in the microfinance sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina and challenges for capacity development (Soko/ EFSE Bankakademie)<br/>

The Private Investors' Perspective

<br/>The Private Investor's Perspective (Kallausch/Sal Oppenheim Austria)<br/>The Private Investor's Perspective (Sasse/Deutsche Bank)<br/>The Private Investor's Perspective (Carpenter/Crédit Coopératif)<br/>


<br/>EFSE Annual Meeting 2007

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