EFSE Annual Meeting 2010
EFSE Annual Meeting 2010
EFSE Annual Meeting 2010
EFSE Annual Meeting 2010

Dr. Klaus Glaubitt

Monika Beck

Prof. Dr. Eva Terberger


EFSE Annual Meeting 2010

More than 250 representatives of EFSE's stakeholders from all over the world, including development finance experts, finance and banking practitioners attended the EFSE Annual Meeting, EFSE’s core event, in Ohrid, FYR Macedonia, from June 8 to 10, 2010. The EFSE Annual Meeting gave participants the opportunity to assess and discuss key current issues in financial sector development in Southeast Europe.
The main theme of the EFSE Annual Meeting 2010 was "Growing Responsibly – Growing Responsibility”. Panel sessions addressed various aspects of responsible business practices in the financial sector and included topics such as "Addressing responsible finance for micro and small enterprises and private households”, "Understanding the institutional challenges presented by the current crisis” and "Promoting a responsive and responsible financial sector in times of crisis”.


Opening Panel with Central Bank Representatives: Growing Responsibly - Growing Responsibility

Dimitar Bogov, Vice Governor, National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
Radovan Jelašić, Outgoing Governor National Bank of Serbia

Michael Klein, Former Chief Economist, IFC
Helen Alexander, Managing Director, ProCredit Holding

Growing Responsibly - Growing Responsibility in the EFSE region

Dr. Klaus Glaubitt, Chairman of the EFSE Board of Directors
Sylvia Wisniwski, Chief Operating Officer for EFSE
Growing Responsibly - Growing Responsibility
Monika Beck, Member of the EFSE Board of Directors
EFSE - Objectives, Structureand Achievements

Panel 1 - Addressing responsible finance for micro and small enterprises and private households

Moderator: Kristin Duchâteau, Head of Department Advisory Programs, Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG
Nejira Nalić, Director Mi-Bospo, Chair of Association of MFIs in BiH (AMFI)
Preventive measures and coping strategies for client over-indebtedness
Emma Aller, Client Advisor, Cygma
Promoting local currency lending
Ala Polustanova, Head of Retail Products Development and Management, Moldova Agroindbank
Challenges of foreign exchange lending
Liljana Shkodra, Deputy Head of Retail Banking Group, BKT, Albania
Financial education and literacy
Milena Bertram, Manager, EFSE Development Facility
Investors’ role in promoting responsible finance

Panel 2 - Understanding the institutional challenges to commercial banks and micro institutions

Moderator: Hanns-Martin Hagen, Chief Financial Sector Economist, KfW
Henry Russell, Director Financial Institutions, EBRD

Managing challenges on various fronts: Experiences from an investor’s portfolio
Alenka Smerkolj, Senior Director, NLB Group
Prudent forward-looking funding strategies to reengage in responsible growth
Ella Beavers, Country Director, FINCA Kosovo
New focus in credit risk management: work-outs and restructuring
Marie-Paule Claes, Senior Investment Officer, IFC
MFIs being challenged: lessons learned from Eastern Europe

Elvira Lefting, Chief Investment Officer for EFSE: Business models under stress

Panel 3 - Promoting a responsive and responsible financial sector in times of crisis

Moderator: Cornelis van Aerssen, Investment Officer, Financial Institutions, FMO
Ardian Fullani, Governor, Bank of Albania
Regulatory adjustments to balance macroeconomic and financial sector stability
Britta Klatte, Manager International Cooperation, Schufa
Role of credit bureaus
Jasmina Glisovic-Mezieres, Microfinance Specialist, CGAP
Evolving microfinance sector: balancing diversity and consolidation
Prof. Dr. Eva Terberger, First Vice President, Evaluation Department Financial Cooperation, KfW
Investors’ role in supporting a stable and responsibly growing financial sector

Raymond Risler, Emerging Consumer / Microinsurance, Zurich Financial Services
Risk mitigating financial products: micro insurance


EFSE Annual Meeting 2010

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