EFSE DF supports youth workshops during Global Money Week

Under the motto "Take Part, Save Smart”, the National Bank of Moldova has held its annual Global Money Week activities for teaching primary students about finance. Once again the central bank partnered with the EFSE Development Facility, marking the second year of their cooperation for the event.

Dedicated workshops in mid-March allowed pupils from different primary schools to learn more about the important roles money and savings play in everyday life. To provide the workshops with added impact, a simulation game had participants play their own important "roles” and gave them a chance to manage money. Thus, trainers taught participants – who drew an occupation from a hat and assumed that role – how to address and deal with bank staff to manage their payments as well how the highly important skill of saving money.  In addition, the EFSE DF developed an educational booklet titled "A Journey in the Land of Money” – its second such publication for Global Money Week – to explain the explain the history and the role of money to primary school students.

Workshops were also held for teachers, providing them with additional information about how the monetary and financial systems function. They can then pass on this knowledge to their students.

Each year, Global Money Week uses fun and interactive events to support its goal of teaching children about money, saving, earning a livelihood, finding a job and even starting a business.<br/>See video

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