EFSE DF workshops during the Global Money Week

On 9 March 2015, the National Bank of Moldova – with the support of the EFSE Development Facility – started the Global Money Week under the headline "Save today. Save tomorrow”.

Various workshops were held for teachers, schoolchildren and pre-school children throughout the week. Trainings for preschool children explained the key financial concepts in a playful way, using plain language and different media types, e.g. games and quizzes, to help them discover the relationships between earning, spending and saving. Schoolchildren and teachers also had the opportunity to visit the National Bank of Moldova and experience the inner workings of a central bank first hand – and learn many useful things about finance. In addition, teachers were provided with useful tools for increasing financial literacy along with hands-on group exercises, role-playing games, videos and course-related training materials.

The aim of the Global Money Week is to teach children and youth about money, saving, earning a livelihood, gaining employment and even entrepreneurship through fun and interactive activities. The intent of the 2015 theme "Save today. Save tomorrow” is to encourage children to do something today if they want a safer tomorrow – a reference to the fact that social and financial exclusion may lead to an uncertain tomorrow with excessive spending and no saving.

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