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"It was through a loan that we were able to first invest in a seed drill, increasing productivity while lowering costs, time, and energy."

Naci Dayan | Farmer | Turkey

"To produce good crops and earn the appreciation of the people in my community fills me with pride."

Naci Dayan's family farm is a blooming place. In addition to cultivating cotton, he grows tomatoes, grapes, and apricots alongside greens such as spinach and peas in Menemen, in the Turkish province of İzmir.

Yet behind the luscious produce is a story of hard work. "In the beginning, life on the farm was tough," Dayan explains. "My family have always been farmers, growing food for ourselves and selling produce at the local
markets. Traditionally we have done a lot by hand. When I took over the farm myself in 2003, I decided we needed to invest in some modern tools and machines."

For this, Dayan sought out a financial service provider that understands agricultural businesses. That is why he approached DenizBank. DenizBank is the country's leading private financial institution specializing in
business financing tailored to the needs of farmers.

With its strong presence in rural areas, nation-wide branch network, and significant agribusiness expertise, the bank is also a valuable EFSE partner in the fund's mission to expand financial inclusion to rural enterprises like the Dayan farm. "It was through a loan that we were able to first invest in a seed drill," reflects Dayan. "That was an absolute game-changer, increasing productivity while lowering costs, time, and energy." So far, Dayan has utilized three loans to enhance the efficiency of his business, especially by investing in equipment. "We are constantly improving our processes; from 2019 to 2020, we already observed a 10 percent increase in productivity compared to the year before."

What is more, the loans were provided in Turkish lira rather than foreign currency - protecting the farm's finances from potentially hazardous exchange rate fluctuations. This extra layer of security is reassuring against the economic turbulence of the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to financing, DenizBank has also provided crisis advisory services, including on the use of new tools such as digital solutions, to help rural businesses adapt to fluctuating circumstances. "We have been well supported by DenizBank during the crisis," says Dayan. "We have been able to continue operations throughout, even as the main part of the lockdown occurred just at that critical time of year when we were planting and fertilizing. Food security has been very important in this uncertain environment and
I am glad to play a role in nourishing the community."

Dayan's business provides more than just good nutrition, however. His farm has grown from a solo family operation to currently an employer of 20, supporting livelihoods in a region where agriculture makes up an important proportion of employment and income generation for families.
"No matter what obstacle is thrown my way, I know I can count on the support of DenizBank," says the entrepreneur. "They have a profound understanding of the agricultural business and what farmers need to succeed."

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